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Multi Articulating Water Tower

For the most diverse missions.

India’s favourite pump in the 36 meter class, the S 36 X is now available with firefighting pumps and monitors. Mountable on all 3 axle chassis of all leading truck manufacturers, the pumps prime mover is the truck’s engine itself. This reduces the weight of the pump and helps save fuel. This PTO system reduces operating costs and enables easy maintenance. The unique design of the SCHWING super X outrigger offers more space for storage of accessories. While allowing the pump super structure to be placed directly on the truck chassis. Optional features such as the one-sided stabilizing system “EASY”, the electronic pump control panel and the automatic boom control system are also available.


TCSFIRE is one of the earliest innovators of fire fighting technology in South East Asia. We are manufacturing fire fighting trucks since 1959. We have supplied our products to more than 10,000 reputable government and private clients. There are more than 100 innovative defence products in our arsenal. When it comes to fire trucks, we have the most superior technology. Each of the fire vehicle we manufacture, go through rigorous field tests before they are shipped to duty.

A list of brief features incorporated in the water tower are as follows:

  • FIRE FIGHTER’S SAFETY: Vehicle fire fighting boom & monitor direct contact with fire, so it does not require fire fighter’s straight touch with fire.
  • FIRE FIGHTING AT HEIGHT: Vehicle boom height is available in various length (20/36/43/55 mtrs) which makes it capable to do External fire fighting with any height of building.
  • FIRE FIGHTING APPROACH: Space & link road approach not require for fire location due to flexibility of boom with 360 degree angle rotation.
  • CCTV & THERMAL IMAGINE CAMERA (TIC): Intrinsically safe cum weather resistance CCTV camera & thermal imagine camera installed at top of the boom, which gives live data analysis. Also, TIC can detect the injured or human body availability at fire spot so, rescue operation can be managed accordingly.
  • LIGHTING & ILLUMINATION: High power, water resistance flood lights on boom enables enough lighting during fire fighting & rescue operations during night / low light situations.
  • CENTRIFUGAL PUMP & MONITOR: High capacity centrifugal water pump connected to the monitor (installed on top of the boom). Also, equipped with external water supply connections which empowers to outsource water from any fire vehicle.
  • REMOTE CONTROL & LED CONTROL PANEL: Fire monitor & boom on top is operated by remote control from ground level and constant watch by LED control panel.


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